The Centre for Tribals and Rural Development Trust (CTRD Trust) is a voluntary organisation registered under the Indian Trust Act in the state of Tamil Nadu. We currently work on projects and programmes aimed at promoting and strengthening the livelihood, welfare and development of the poor tribal and rural communities of the Nilgiri District. This involves organising them, enhancing their capabilities, introducing new ways of improving their income and linking them to banks, markets and other health, welfare and economic services. Experienced professional teams based in the field use their skills and knowledge to alleviate poverty by working directly with these communities.

CTRD was established in 1988 by Mr. RS. Ranganathen, the executive director, along with local tribal leaders, in response to the deplorable socio-economic conditions of the tribal communities in the region. Tribal people were living in an acute state of poverty, suffering daily from a lack of basic needs and amenities. Most of the tribal population could not even afford one decent meal per day, had no proper clothes to protect themselves against rain and cold, and lived in very basic homes which were not adequately resistant against the tough weather conditions. Men and woman had little permanent employment and worked mainly as seasonal labourers in tea, coffee and banana plantations. Often they could not afford to send their children to school and those that did attend school had very few school materials, received little support and faced discrimination resulting in a poor academic record.

Our Team

V. Vasudevan

Project Coordinator

N. Devaki


PS. Praveena

Finance Officer

RN. Sumithira

Voluntary Vision Care Coordinator

S. Indira Gandhi

Field Organizer

K. Vijayan

Field Organizer

K M. Sheeja

Field Organizer

R. Vanitha

Field Organizer

Sujith A.

Program Coordinator

S. Bhuvaneswari

Program Assistant