Where We Work

Where we work

The operational area of CTRD is the Gudalur Block of the Nilgiri district which is situated at the tri-junction of the three States of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka in South India.

Gudalur is in the foot hills of the Nilgiri district, 50 kilometres west of Ooty. The administrative area of the Gudalur block is 504.52 square kilometres at an altitude of 1117 meters above sea level. Nearly one forth of this area is covered by forest.

The Block is divided into two taluks namely; Gudalur and Pandalur. These taluks are further divided into 9 panchayats namely; Gudalur, Srimadurai, Muthumalai, O'vally, Masinagudi, Deversholai, Nellakottai, Nelliyalam and Cherangodu. The total population of the project area is 2,23, 214 (2001 census).