Tribal Children Education Sponsorship Program

Tribal Children Education Sponsorship Program

Project Duration: Relaunched since August 2017

Project Region: Gudalur Block of the Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu

Target Group: Children from indigenous minorities, whose parents cannot afford sending their children to school

Principal Objective: Providing every child the opportunity to attend school regardless of the financial background


Education is of primary importance for all children and plays a major role in today's societies. According to the Right to Education Act, every child till the age of 14 should attend school and attain primary education in India. Even though school attendance in India is free of charge and public schools are built in most of the tribal villages, many children of Adivasi families still do not attend school regularly. A primary reason is that many families cannot afford to pay for public transportation (especially in remote villages) and other school expenses such as writing materials.


With your donation you enable children from poor families to attend school regularly. You will directly support them financially to cover all the expenses related to school such as bus tickets, a school uniform or books. With your support you also motivate them to exercise their right to education. This program also involves tutorial classes held in the evening. Further activities are awareness programs and counseling sessions for parents and children, which are held once a month and the field workers have a routine follow-up to ensure the child's progress.

So far, 20 children have been able to attend school regularly thanks to the donations of 20 individual donors from France. We are constantly looking for new sponsors to support children from indigenous minorities especially from poor and remote villages. With an annual contribution of 250€ you can make a big difference. Sign up for a sponsorship in the ‘Donation/Support Us’ section of this website and choose the amount you would like to sponsor. In return you will receive regular updates of the progress of the student(s) you support.