Tribal Children Art Club

Tribal Children Art Club

Project Duration: Since May 2017

Project Partner(s): Constellation France (

Project Region: Gudalur Block of the Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu

Target Group: Tribal children in the villages in the Gudalur Block

Principal Objective: Giving the children an opportunity to express themselves through art and enhance the personal development


CTRD focuses on improving the livelihood of tribal villages and their families for almost 30 years now. Even though it is still a long way to go a lot has been done for the tribal villages in the Nilgiri Hills. Increasing the living conditions in terms of material resources and education is one important aspect, but to improve the individual self-realization other activities need to be done. Art is one possibility to push this development. Resources to push those activities by themselves are limited, since all money and time is used to cover the essential needs.


For this purpose, CTRD and the French organization Constellation selected 25 children. Constellation’s goal is to encourage the human, economic and cultural development of children and teens through artistic creation. With the donation of Constellation CTRD buys painting materials and hires local painting artists, who teach the children basic painting techniques. After that the children draw paintings that fit to their own community, culture and beliefs or whatever they deal with in their daily life. They will also draw one painting about the topic of the year chosen by the organization Constellation. By expressing themselves through art they will be able to learn more about themselves and it gives them a chance to express who they are and to face their fears and believes in a new way. All paintings will be shown in magazines and sold as postcards in Europe. The program will be extended to more children after the first project phase will be finished.