Our Strategy

The Trust was established with the objective of raising their socio-economic conditions and helping them overcome the grip of poverty and ignorance. Working at a grassroots level CTRD has dedicated its time and resources to overcome many challenges and to gain the full participation and support of the local communities.

Our strategy addresses livelihood issues by working on the factors and forces that adversely affect the lives of the rural poor. To reduce the vulnerability of poor families powerful and focused interventions have been made to break the cycle of poverty, and to improve their self-image efforts have been made to allow them to control their own resources and livelihood options.

CTRD feels that our promotion of livelihoods is tangible and our impacts significant. Therefore CTRD concentrates on sustainable livelihood projects after careful analysis of the local environment in a scientific/rational way while making interventions that are relevant through our continued action, reflection and learning.

In addition to Income Generation Projects, CTRD's programmes also involve a myriad of activities to promote the health status of our beneficiaries, support with education for tribal children, community development projects and the empowerment of women through the establishment of self-help groups. We have successfully implemented such initiatives in 61 hamlets of the Pandalur and Gudalur Taluks.

In addition to the main CTRD campus at Eallamanna, CTRD also has an office in Ooty and a training centre in Gudalur, with a total of 60 committed staff, dedicated to realising CTRD's vision.

With over two decades of service among the socially and economically marginalised communities of the Nilgiri Hills, CTRD's tribal programmes are now very well established, allowing CTRD to widen its scope to include other pressing issues, in particular disabilities.

We have become increasingly aware and concerned about the severe challenges faced by disabled people in the Nilgiri region, and are launching a community based rehabilitation (CBR) project to address these problems and to empower and improve the living conditions of this extremely vulnerable sector of society. An essential part of this project is advocacy, awareness campaigns and building networks to help change perceptions, overcome discrimination and improve the rights of those with disabilities