Solar Lightning Program

Solar Lightning Program

Project Duration: Since October 2016

Project Partner(s): Die Gesellschaft für solidarische Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (GSE e.V.)

Project Region: Gudalur Block of the Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu

Target Group: Tribal families with school-age children

Principal Objective: Providing lights for all school-age children to make possible to work for school in the evening


Even though many of the tribal children go to school, due to their circumstances they have fewer chances to be a successful student compared to other children in India. They don't get the same support from their families, caused by a lack of knowledge or just because of a missing appropriate infrastructure. First of all, they often face a long and arduous way to school, which takes a lot of daytime. When coming home in the evening they often cannot do homework, because in many houses there is no electricity and lights are missing to be able to read and write.


In 2016 CTRD became partners with the German development organization called "Die Gesellschaft für solidarische Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (GSE e.V.)". They collected money to finance solar lights, which were bought by CTRD and provided to tribal families, whose children go to school. Until now more than 100 solar lights have been provided, which are giving light in the evening for the children to be able to do their homework. Thereby CTRD increased the possibilities for those to have the same chances as other children to get a proper education. Let's hope this partnership continues to be able to buy more solar lights for all children who need them in the tribal villages!