Establishing Sanitation Facilities in Tribal Villages

Establishing Sanitation Facilities in Tribal Villages

Project Duration: Since January 2016

Project Partner(s): Together we are one (T.W.O.)

Project Region: Gudalur Block of the Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu

Target Group: Tribal villages with no or insufficient sanitation.

Principal Objective: Providing sufficient sanitation facilities which are appropriate for the tribal communities


Many tribal villages face problems caused by insufficient or no sanitation. Instead people often use the surrounding nature as their natural sanitation rooms. This lack of hygiene causes diseases among the inhabitants of the villages. Furthermore, many of the villages are located close to remote forest areas where wild animals live, which is especially dangerous at night. Even though the government has built houses in some of the villages with integrated bathrooms, the people refuse to use them. The lack of acceptance is caused by a lack of coordination between the government and the tribal villages themselves. In the culture of the tribals it is inappropriate to have a bathroom which is integrated in the house where you cook and sleep.


Among these communities it is an essential need to build separated bathrooms to improve their livelihood. For this purpose, CTRD started a cooperation with the Singapore friend's organization called "Together we are one (T.W.O.)" in 2016. The agency has several youth volunteering teams which collected funds to construct sanitary facilities. CTRD selected the tribal village Kokkal to start with. The village is located in a remote area 20 km from Ooty surrounded by forests, which are still home for wild tigers, leopards and other dangerous animals. Until May 2017 CTRD provided 25 individual toilets which fit to their cultural circumstances and improved the quality of life of those people. Since there are many villages sharing these problems, it is very important to continue this successful project in other villages with T.W.O. or even to expand it with other partners.