Muttilmoola Tribal Housing Project

Also in partnership with Raleigh India, the Muttilmoola Tribal Housing Project was implemented in July 2009, working in the tribal village of Muttilmoola, in the Gudalur block of the Nilgiri District in the state of Tamil Nadu.

This project strategy was the same as the above Kappikadu Tribal Housing Project and involved the construction of new all weather houses for the Kattanayakan tribe in Muttilmoola, who were living in very weakened and substandard housing conditions prior to this project.

Through the Muttilmoola Tribal Housing Project, seven secure new all weather houses were built, in place of the old huts, for the twenty-nine residents of the village. The project took place over sixteen days, and involved the efforts of fifteen Raleigh volunteers.

The new houses received a very warm welcome and a grateful reception by the tribal people of the Muttilmoola village, whose living conditions, day-to-day security and peace of mind, are now vastly improved, thanks for the project.