Kappikadu Tribal Housing Project

In partnership with Raleigh India (part of Raleigh International), the Kappikadu Tribal Housing Project was implemented in January 2009, working in the tribal village of Kappikadu, in the Gudalur block of the Nilgiri District in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Our project with Raleigh involved the construction of new all weather houses for the Kattanayakan (kings of the forest) tribe, who are identified by the Indian government as a primitive tribal group, with ancestry in the area for thousands of years.

Prior to the project, this disadvantaged and marginalised tribal community were mostly living in substandard mud walled and wild grass roof huts, which were insufficient to protect them against the elements and inclement weather conditions prevailing in this hill region for much of the year. Resulting problems included severe leaking during the monsoon and serious fire risk during the dry season. In addition the fragile huts provided little in the way of protection from dangers posed by local wildlife, in particular from the damaging / trampling of property by elephants, which was a frequent problem in this village.

Through the Kappikadu Tribal Housing Project, fourteen new secure all weather houses were built, in place of the old huts, for the sixty-four residents of the village. The project took place over thirty-six days, in two phases involving fifteen Raleigh volunteers working on each phase.

The new houses have greatly improved the living conditions and lives of the Kattanayakan people.