Eallamanna and Karathad Toilet Facility Project

The third project conducted in partnership with Raleigh India, was the Eallamanna and Karathad Toilet Facility Project, which was implemented in July 2009, working in the rural villages of Eallamanna and Karathad, in the Gudalur block of the Nilgiri District in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Prior to this project neither village had any toilet facilities, and instead people were forced to use nature, which posed a serious risk to health and sanitation, and also to hazards from wildlife.

Through the Eallamanna and Karathad Toilet Facility Project, twenty toilets were built in each of the two villages. The project took place over eighteen days, and involved the efforts of forty Raleigh volunteers from West Sussex University, with twenty volunteers working in each village.

These toilet facilities have greatly improved the health and sanitation conditions for the community members of Eallamanna and Karathad, and has enabled the villages to become stool-free environments.