CTRD Trust Hospital

Although the CTRD Trust Community Hospital is a major achievement and extremely valuable resource, it is just one step in CTRD's broad and far reaching Integrated Community Health Programme.

As part of our Integrated Community Health Project, CTRD also plans to achieve the following objectives, which will be centered around the resources of the CTRD Trust Community Hospital:

Health Needs Assessment

CTRD plans to undertake a comprehensive needs assessment in our project area to determine the extent and priorities for health issues within tribal and disadvantaged communities.

Currently many people in these communities are illiterate and ignorant of health related issues, but using data obtained in this assessment, CTRD Trust will be able to implement new strategies and focus interventions where they are most needed.

Raising Health Awareness

Through our community based hospital CTRD will endeavour to raise and promote health awareness within the local community by training community volunteers to work alongside experienced CTRD staff. Information centres will be established, and a database compiled to keep record of different diseases in the Gudalur block, to facilitate the treatment of these diseases and to encourage people to actively seek treatment.

Community Health Initiators

To promote health issues, CTRD Trust plans to identify community-minded students and members of the local community to become "Community Health Initiators", who will be responsible for motivating people to seek medical treatment, and in creating public awareness on health and sanitation issues, illness prevention and in the importance of maintaining good health.

This strategy will then be expanded, with Community Health Initiators adopted throughout all villages in which CTRD works.