International Development Study Center (IDSC)

Development initiatives by CTRD Trust

Since the inception of CTRD Trust in 1988, the Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs)and other poor non-tribal groups have undergone a massive wave of development with the help of CTRD Trust and its partners. The various development initiatives by CTRD can be broadly categorized as follows:

Welfare Programmes -Some of the development programmes that benefitted the tribal villages were - construction of new houses and toilets, provision of wells, provision of fences for protection from elephants, promotion of schooling and education. These programmes have now provided the tribal groups safe and comfortable environments to live in. It has also helped to increase enrollment of tribal children in schools thereby decreasing the drop out rates and has also helped to pave a way for the first generation of college graduates too.

Health -CTRD has also conducted numerous awareness generation and training camps on health and hygienethat focuses on the health based aspects that tribal communities have to deal with. Since health is one of the most important development issues, CTRD has adapted an intervention approach that deals with this theme on a broader scale. One of itsí major initiatives for the same was the opening of five vision centers in the Gudalur and Pandalur taluks in summer 2014.Through these centres, CTRD seeks to provide services that will help combat vision problems which are prominent among tribal communities and other poor and marginalized communities in the region.