International Development Study Center (IDSC)

The CTRD Trust is launching an International Development Study Center that will be based at its' current campus in Eallamanna in the Pandalur taluk. This study centre will be a haven for students and scholars with an array of opportunities for them to conduct research and integrated studies in the development of tribal communities prevailing in the Nilgiri district. The strategic location of the IDSC right at the heart of the UNESCO declared biosphere reserve of the Nilgiris, will prove to be a boon for researchers, providing themwith easier access to the Adivasi groups who live in this region. The tribal groups that inhabit this biosphere reserve are the Kurumba, the Kattunayaka and thePaniya, who are situated in the lower ranges as well as the Kota, Toda and Irula who inhabit the upper ranges. CTRD Trust offers its services to other beneficiaries as well, like, the members of the rural population afflicted by poverty, specially abled people, different kinds of women groups, be it Sri Lankan repatriate women or other migrant women from Karnataka and Kerala by organizing them into SHG's.