Here is a brief look at just some of CTRD's achievements over the last 22 years:

CTRD has worked with 60 tribal villages enabling them to become more independent and self sufficient. Thanks to sustainable initiatives, we have successfully withdrawn from 10 of these villages, as they are fully independent.

Income Generation Schemes:

CTRD has helped the tribal people cultivate tea, pepper, coffee, bananas and ginger on their own lands in order to generate a stable income. CTRD has provided various tea saplings, guides and technical assistance to help in their cultivation activities. The tribal farmers have started using new techniques and technologies in crop production and more land has been brought under cultivation. This has resulted in them requiring less wage labour to support their families. The farmers now also know the market value of their products making them less likely to be exploited. This has had a remarkable impact on tribal communities' livelihood options.

CTRD has also provided:

Community Development Programmes including: